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Professional Iron & Dust Remover Spray

Professional Iron & Dust Remover Spray

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Introducing our Professional Iron & Dust Remover Spray, the ultimate solution for a pristine and flawless car exterior. Designed to tackle stubborn iron particles and dust that can mar the beauty of your vehicle, this powerful formula will leave your car looking brand new.

Our innovative iron and dust remover spray is specially formulated to dissolve and lift iron contaminants embedded in your car's paintwork. Whether it's brake dust, industrial fallout, or iron particles from railroads, our product effortlessly removes these unsightly blemishes without damaging the delicate surface of your car.

What sets our Professional Car Iron & Dust Remover Spray apart is its superior performance and ease of use. Simply spray the solution onto the affected areas, and watch as it clings to the iron particles, turning them into a purple gel-like substance. This visual indicator lets you know that the product is actively working to dissolve the contaminants. After a few minutes, rinse off the residue with water, and be amazed by the restored shine and brilliance of your car's finish.

We understand that your car deserves only the best care, which is why our iron and dust remover spray is meticulously crafted using premium ingredients. It is safe to use on all types of automotive surfaces, including clear coats, chrome, aluminum, and painted surfaces. Rest assured, our formula is non-abrasive and will not cause any scratches or swirl marks.


Volume : 300ml, 300ml Kit ( With Brush & Towel )

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