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Car MP3 Player

Car MP3 Player

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BT 06 Product description:

 1、Bluetooth version 5.0, support Bluetooth call, Bluetooth music transmission, caller number

 2、Support TF Card / U disc player and card reader function, support MP3/WMA format music

 3、Double USB charging port 2.1A can expand the portable device function, suitable for all mobile phone, tablet and other electronic products charge

4、1.3 inch LED dot matrix screen, display frequency point, file name, and working state information

5、Support one key menu setting language, playback mode, and sound mode

6、Support power failure memory and folder playback

7、AUX input and output function, open display voltage

8、One button switch, pause, listen / Hang / listen / down key

9、FM emission frequency 87.5-108.0MHZ

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