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Car Polisher Scratch Repair Manual Polishing Machine

Car Polisher Scratch Repair Manual Polishing Machine

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Wax Capacity: 100ML

Speed Range: Manual

Bare Weight: 300g

Applicable Wheel Diameter Range: 11cm


Apply While Pressing for Fast Waxing

Gently press the top of the wax storage box.

Turn an Old Car into New One

Baseus 2-in-1 car wax can effectively fill the gaps by penetrating the paint surface, making the car paint look flat and shiny.

Scratches and Defects,Repair once Apply

It not only brightens car paint, but also repairs the scratches and removes the stains on the car surface, easy to use without hurting the car paint.

Easy to Grip,Waxing effortlessly

The handle and the wax storage box are combined with rounded corners and easy to grip.


Easy to Apply Without Wax Absorption

Waxing sponge is made of high-density fluffy sponge with large density, small holes and more even waxing, which does not absorb and waste wax.

Patented and Certificated Bionics Design of Heart Valves

As the convex side of the silica gel on the bottom of the wax storage box is inward, the pressure of the liquid car wax is insufficient to push it away. When gently press the top, the liquid car wax is given a downward force to squeeze out the wax by pushing away the convexity.

High-quality Liquid Wax Not Hurt Car Paint

The high-cost and high-quality liquid car wax will not hurt the car paint. It can form an invisible protective film on the car surface after use, easily coping with acid rain, dust, oxidation and other issues.



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