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Car Scratch Repair Scratch Removal Kit

Car Scratch Repair Scratch Removal Kit

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Scratches Remover

Our scratch and swirl removing spray is designed to repair your car for small scratches, swirls and other marks caused by careless people and the environment! It is easy to use.While removing scratches, restore the mirror gloss effect of paint.

1.S11A (Scratches Remover) can be used as the first step of scratch repair, which can easily remove scratches, oxide layers, matte, etc. on the paint surface, and it is close to the mirror effect.
2. Continuing to use S11B (Mirror Restorer) to achieve the mirror effect.

Hidden Danger of Scratcher

If the minor scratches are not repaired in time, they may cause the paint to fall off and the surface of the car to age, and cause an accident. Therefore, repairing minor scratches can protect the car.

Multiple Problems

It can be used to repair various car surface problems.

Tips for Using

1. Pour the S11A onto a microfiber towel and polish hard on the scratch until the scratch fades or disappears.
2. Pour the S11B onto a microfiber towel and polish it hard on the scratch until the paint surface returns to a mirror-like effect.
1. Light scratches can be removed directly with S11B.
2. Using machine polishing can restore the gloss of the car paint to the greatest extent.

Deep Scratchers

While this product works well, it is not magic. If you have a scratch that is very deep, while it may improve the look, it cannot completely make it disappear since the paint is missing.You can use a touch-up pen to further cover the scratches, or go to 4S touch-up paint. This product is not suitable for serious scratches.

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