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Car Wash Super Brush Microfiber Premium

Car Wash Super Brush Microfiber Premium

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Special Features: Car Wash and Drying Product Description

Item Type: Sponges, Cloths & Brushes

Item Weight: 0.1kg

Item Diameter: 5inch


1. Soft microfiber can give you edge-friendly application. The protective cover and soft handle also keep the interior of the car clean and worry-free.
2. Clean the edge of the deep bed - the cleaning power is very strong, and the microfiber perfectly protects your car.
3. Multipurpose - Due to its special shape, the long side brush is suitable for many types of spokes and rims.
4. Excellent professional quality - The high-quality rim brush is specially developed for auto repair, in order to achieve professional cleaning of high-quality rims.
5. Ideal for cleaning spokes, grilles, spokes, door cards, between engine areas and other tight spots.

Detailed description:
Material: Microfiber
Size: Fiber Car Wash Tire Brush: 45cm*5cm*2cm
Fiber thickened car wash gloves: 20cm*18cm

 (Due to manual measurement, there will be a 1-3mm error)


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3. Fast delivery, guaranteed after sale.

4. Discounts can be applied for bulk purchases.

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