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Portable Kinetic Car Air Freshener

Portable Kinetic Car Air Freshener

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This product is just an air freshener! It only emits slight heat to speed up the diffusion of aromatherapy! It won't heat up the interior of your car!

Refresh the air in your car with our microwave molecular deicer. With its unique technology, it can make air molecules move violently, making them vibrate even at cold temperatures. It is the perfect accessory for your vehicle and is compatible with a wide range of models. In addition, it is also a thoughtful gift for friends and family. Give your car a new look today!

Product information:
Function: Decoration
Color classification: Black Gulong, Black Ocean, Gardenia after rain (order production required), Independent wood piece supplement (Ocean), Independent wood piece supplement (Gulong), double package (black Gulong) transparent plastic bag, double package (black ocean) transparent plastic, double package (Marine Gulong mixed) transparent plastic
Style: Simple

Packing list:
Car aroma *1pc Product Image:

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