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Solar Auto Rotation Car Air Freshener Perfume Seat

Solar Auto Rotation Car Air Freshener Perfume Seat

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1. It is a high-end double-ring rotary air purifier for car/office/bathroom air freshener.
2. It features good quality material, double rotating ring upper suspension, lower magnetic structure, and round 360-degree rotating aroma with adjustable aroma concentration.
3. Eliminated odor: Professional deodorant ingredients are added to essential oils for odor molecules to effectively capture and decompose.


Perfume seat material: aluminum alloy
Color: Black, Red, Silver
Size: 6.4*5.8cm
Power: Solar Auto Power
Perfume seat shape: double ring rotation
Color: red (alloy solar), silver (alloy solar), black (alloy solar)

Package Content:
1 x Perfume Seat

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